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Transformer Filtration Services

Product Image (FLASH POINT TEST)

Flash Point

Flash Point is the temperature at which the oil gives off so muchofvapour that this vapour, when mixed with air, forms an ignitable mixture and gives a momentary flash on application of pilot flame under the prescribed conditions. Flash Point is the indication of presence of volatile combustible products, low molecular weight hydrocarbons in the insulating oil. Flash Point of transformer oil is expressed in Deg C.

Product Image (Tan Delta Specific Resistance)

Tan Delta Specific Resistance

The Dielectric Dissipation Factor is the ratio of power dissipation in the transformer oil in watts to the product of the effective voltage and current in volt-amperes. It is the tangent of the angle (delta) by which the phase difference between applied voltage and resulting current deviates from p/2 radian when the dielectric of the capacitor consists exclusively of insulating oil. This test reveals the presence of moisture, soluble polar contaminants,ageing products or colloids, resins, varnishes or their products of oxidation in transformer oil.


Transformer Oil Filtration (on-site)

Price: 1 USD ($)/Liter

Transformer oil filtration is carried out with Ultra High Vacuum oil filter machine of adequate capacity. Our mobile oil filtration plant is designed to remove dissolved moisture, dirt, air and other gases from the transformer oil.

Product Image (BDV VALUE TEST)

Bdv Value Testing (on-site)

We are among the reputed organizations, highly engaged in imparting optimum quality Transformer Oil BDV Value test (ON-site) for Distribution and Power Transformers Service. These services are bound with quality and precision. The offered service is rendered by our highly qualified professionals in the best suited manner.


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